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Our Purpose

[World]Re[Views] exists to help Christians to better understand and interact with the stories around them.

Everywhere you turn, you are inundated with various worldviews. Whether you are watching a documentary or the latest comedy, a worldview is presented. Whether you are perusing Facebook or reading a biography, worldviews abound. 

We strive to help people to clearly see the worldviews being communicated to them, and to consider how those worldviews interact with the worldview of the Bible.

What We Do

We review popular books and movies.

We point out worldview content in stories.

We interact with stories taking “All thoughts captive for Christ”.



TimTim Arndt Arndt

Tim has been a lover of books, movies, and stories in general for his entire life. He strongly believes that the stories we love play an integral part in shaping who we are. He created this blog to help people to think through and appreciate the stories around them even better while pointing them to the ultimate story- The Life of Jesus Christ.

Tim lives in the beautiful town of Grand Haven, Michigan with his wife Alex and daughter MaryKate. He has a BA in Worldviews and Apologetics from Boyce College and plans on using [World]Re[Views] as an excuse to read too many books.


Ryan WarnockRyan Warnock

From a young age, Ryan has had a unique ability to see beyond a story and into the worldview that created it in the first place. Movies communicate to us in a way other mediums simply cannot. With a particular interest in Sci-Fi and films from the 1970s, Ryan loves seeing movies at any given opportunity.

Currently residing in West Michigan, Ryan is married to his high school sweetheart and has four children. He is pursuing a BS in Biblical Studies through Moody Bible Institute with hopes of teaching, speaking, and writing full-time.


You can contact Tim and Ryan at worldviewreviews@gmail.com


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